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Love Hemp 400mg CBD Review

love hemp cbd review
Written by Vicky

“Love Hemp” have a slogan: “Just Hemp and Love” which is what we want and I must say that their packaging is fantastic! I was sent a free 30ml sample of “Hemp Extract” atomiser spray, orange flavoured, in a beautifully designed and sturdy cylindrical box. Loved the look of it and the taste was quite palatable. Quite pleasant to take actually. I always think that a company who is prepared to send generous free samples is confident of their product. However, I had expected to receive a CBD product rather than hemp extract in general. What I got was a very prettily packaged and generous 30ml sample of something that wasn’t CBD heavy but somewhat cheaper to produce.

The spray worked very well, no leaks. Perfect! The labelling was pretty comprehensive, stating recommended daily dose and how to take the dose. This was useful. The instructions told me to spray and hold under the tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing. This is important when taking hemp extract because it increases the amount that can be absorbed into your body. The label also told me that each “serving” yielded 4mg of active cannabinoids. It did not specify the amount of CBD, however. It states quite simply that it is whole plant extract, presumably without the THC. It serves the hemp extract with organic coconut oil which is more bioavailable than olive oil, so this is another plus.

Their web site currently directs you to another web site, www.cbdoilsuk.com, which is presently handling their sales. I am not sure what their reasons are for deflecting sales to another site that isn’t even called by their name. Their home site shows a much more limited array of products. They claim to be London based and the number one provider in the U.S. No lab results seem to have been published on either site and their actual address isn’t apparent, but there is a UK contact phone number. The site from which they actually currently sell does publish useful information on an impressively wide range of Love Hemp products which and these come in array of mediums, some of which I have not previously heard: Oils, sprays, wax crumble, capsules, skin conditioner, lip balm, wax crumble, Eliquid, raw hemp oil (where the hemp is effectively “juiced” using high pressure and low temperatures) CBD infused “Gummybears” (I think that this may be a variation on “Jelly Babies” but I’m not quite sure. they’re sweets anyway), hemp flowers, CBD crystals infused with terpenes, CBD Shish in the form of something you can smoke (without THCs) and in a wax form the form you can bake with.

They also sell a comprehensive range of Charlotte’s Web products (Charlotte’s Web is a species of hemp). What also grabbed my attention is that they supply CBD oil up to a 40% strength. 40%! The strongest I’ve had is 20% and that knocks me out! How do they manage to provide 40% CBD without incriminating amounts of THC??

I like to take CBD oil before bed to get a better night’s sleep but taking it at regular intervals during the day is also helpful. What can be a problem is that stronger potency CBD oil tends to have a sedating effect. I did not find that this was a problem with Love Hemp’s Hemp Extract spray but after taking the recommended dosage for a week or so I cannot report any noticeable effects at all personally, either good or bad. I would like to try other Love Hemp products and see how I get on with those…but where to start! Anyone else who has tried any of their other products? Love Hemp have a space for reviews on their home web site and on CBDoilsuk.com but no reviews have so far been published there. I have read one good review on the company and their products generally on an independent site. Any more out there rating it?

I would rate the Hemp Extract spray I sampled as: 10 out of 10 for packaging, 3 out of 10 for effectiveness (this is merely a personal experience. Hemp extract does not affect everyone in the same way) . 8 out of 10 for taste, 6 out of 10 for the web sites (they were good but obviously in a state of transition for unclear reasons and not very transparent – I do like to see lab reports). I would also give them another 10 out of 10 for providing a wide range of innovative products.

I do get the feeling that this sudden availability of a huge range of hemp extract products on an alien web site reveals a bold corporate strategy aiming to take the market by storm. Personally though, I tend to favour companies with a passionate commitment to hemp and CBD as an effective way of maintaining homeostasis.

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