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English Hemp CBD Oil Review

English Hemp CBD Oil Review
Written by Vicky

This company’s web site won my heart! Mis-spelt, ungrammatical…There is nothing corporate here! The product is a departure from the CBD oil to which I am accustomed. English Hemp sell tinctures rather than a diluted hemp paste or distillation. Their hemp is, according to their web site, fresh tinctured in the field and steeped in alcohol to draw out the goodness and preserve it. Their approach to growing hemp is novel and involves generating some form of spiritual energy, including “throwing rainbows” at the hemp (not sure what it means), dancing, singing and meditating in the plantation to generate good vibes that are believed to optimise the healing properties of the hemp.

This site breaks all the rules by including some idyllic reviews which are presented as quotes. Actually, I don’t doubt that they are genuine. A totally non corporate, unworldly, off the wall company with a notion of healing the world by operating on a non profit making basis in Totnes. What’s not to like? At £25.00 a bottle (cheap for CBD and you get about 10mls) there is not much information about what the product contains exactly, or how much CBD there would be in any given sample, All very much a mystery shopping experience!
You can choose several exotic “flavours” such as gin and tonic, rum, Martini and these are promised to tune into your chakras and operate “homeopathically” as each work differently on your emotional and psychological state. I contacted Nick, who runs English Hemp and soon realised that he tends not to like to get involved in scientific analysis of his products. His approach is more mystical and this working with natural earth magic is something you either believe in or, like me, you approach with scepticism. I’m not sure how the ingredients of one of his products would differ from another except for the type of alcohol he uses. I forgot to ask him. Nick sees the plant to be sufficient as it is and one interrogates its “special properties” from a spiritual or mystical stand point. Notwithstanding, he answers questions and welcomes discussion about his hemp and his products in which he obviously has a great pride.

There is no way to pay for a product on this site. You have to contact Nick personally and make a bank transfer or send a cheque. The web site tells me that the bottle normally prices at £25.00 but “if you have a good story” and I’m quoting their web site here, you can get it for less. They ask you not to exploit that situation, though, as they have to cover their expenses. I think that that says it all really. They are not in it for profit but for passion and because it is part of a belief system. I would say that the profit aspect has to be a practical necessity but it is not its raison d’etre. I get the impression here, that becoming a customer of English Hemp involves a relationship with the company and with their methodology or belief system as far as that may go. You become a participator not merely a consumer. That is not a statement of fact, merely an impression.

The bottle they sent me when I asked for a sample, comes in a little brown envelope with a bright yellow label and turned out to be a spray. My sample tasted something like baked apples and mulled wine. Not unpleasant except for the usual CBD peppery flavour and bitterness when swallowed. This is a typical Sativa type CBD with an uplifting, energising effect. I really liked it. I don’t know if it’s a healing remedy for aches and pains because I have not tried it for long enough but I do believe that it did have a noticeable positive effect on my mood.
I think that I would take this as a supplement and try to try to appraise it objectively. There is no reason of which I’m aware to throw the practice of tincturing hemp into doubt. People do tincture high THC hemp or Cannabis to experience similar narcotic effects to smoking it so I’m sure that this method of extracting the goodness of the hemp with all its unique properties could work as well as any other.

In conclusion, English Hemp certainly intrigues and is worthy of experimentation. Although I cannot say what may be so or not so in this created marvel of a universe I’m not sure that my own Christian convictions would handle being too much dowsed in earth magic! Nevertheless, I do not think that I should disbelieve the assertions made by English Hemp for their products on that account. Long may they evade the MHRA and the Trading Standards bureaucrats!

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