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Cibdol 400mg 4% CBD CBD Oil Review

cibdol cbd oil review
Written by Vicky

I was initially thrown by Cibdol’s new method of measuring the CBD content of their products. No longer in percentage dilutions but in milligrams. So 400 mgs equals 4% and so forth. Their reason is that it gives the customer a more precise description of what they’re actually getting, which is fair enough.

Cibdol do have a very clearly laid out and user friendly web site. There is also a very helpful and comprehensively explained list of the various ways that they let you pay for your product. This is set out together with a clear explanation of pros and cons for the different payment options and even how to avoid expensive bank charges if you decide on that option and live outside Euro currency countries. That’s actually pretty helpful.

There are also several informative articles on the uses of hemp including a very useful, easy to understand article on the important differences between CBDA and THCA and CBD and THC which is great, if like me, you struggle with these endless abbreviated terminologies!

The company is based in the Netherlands and are thus still able to legally publish reviews on their web site which is also a plus. UK countries are no longer at liberty to publish reviews on their sites as this has been recently prohibited by the MHRA. This makes it very difficult to assess a product or work out what may be more suitable.
Cibdol also publish their lab results on their web site in PDF format.

What struck me as odd was that the lab test documents only listed results for CBD which caused me to wonder whether Cibdol were now selling pure CBD rather than whole plant formula. This was an important issue to me as the whole hemp paste product contains terpenes and cannabinoids, including many trace elements, that I am persuaded combine to produce a symbiotic or entourage effect. Pure CBD oil would not be my preferred choice. Due to recent moves by the MHRA to further limit the quantities of THC (the stuff that causes the Cannabis “high”) naturally found in any given CBD product, some companies have been forced to move towards distillations made with pure CBD crystals, sans terpenes, etc., although these may be artificially added later. This is bad news to me. Formerly Cibdol had a very good product which was made up from hemp paste. I was not initially so impressed with this new offering.

On request, they actually sent a friend of mine a 10ml free sample bottle (filled!) which arrived professionally packaged in a little box. Batch numbers and use by dates clearly written on the bottle and dosage instructions on the box. The dilution stated 4% (400mg) on the label. I don’t so much mind about the taste of things as some people do and this was no exception. The difference I noticed between this and my usual brand was a distinct lack of “grassiness” that I’ve come to associate with CBD oil.

At this point I was practically convinced that Cibdol’s new product is pure CBD and as I was not finding anything on their web site to argue otherwise I was about to write it off. However, Cibdol are a company that have always specialised in and been committed to the distribution of CBD and why would a company in the Netherlands need to transfer to a CBD only product?

I decided to get in touch with the company and get some clear answers.

First of all Cibdol assured me that they use a method of steam distillation which maintains the natural terpene content whilst removing the “useless” parts of the plant like the waxes, fats and chlorophyll which have no health benefits. They maintain that this improves the taste (I don’t happen to agree with them about this personally). It also improves the liquidity of the product which is evident. I was also told that it is “nausea free”, meaning, at a guess, that some CBD oil products may induce nausea in sensitive individuals but that this would not.

Cibdol have also more recently published lab tests showing a broader spectrum analysis which can now be found on their site. I think it would benefit them to give some clearer information on their web site about the product itself and the way they’ve seen fit to change it and to what purpose. It would be a lot less confusing to their customers (myself anyway) if they had done so. I’m told that this is a work in progress.

The product itself is not in my opinion an all over improvement on their previous product and they only seem to do one thing. Albeit in different strengths. 4% is weaker than my usual 8% so it is difficult to compare but I don’t think that Cibdol’s product would tempt me away from my usual brand.

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