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Amma Life 7.5% CBD Oil Review

amma life cbd oil review
Written by Vicky

Amma Life seem to have so many separate product listings online but when I eventually succeeded in locating their actual home web site they do present you with a clear shop window. They actually spell out that they are selling you the whole plant spectrum product. They also sell you this in paste form undiluted with oil which is very pricey. I have not come across any other company actually selling you the paste before! Usually the paste is mixed with olive or MCT oil. This paste is rated at slightly over 15% CBD. Very generously, I thought, they sent me two filled 10ml bottles of 7.5% CBD oil and some paste as well when I asked for a free sample.

Unfortunately Amma Life did not at the time of writing publish their lab results on their web site so I could not check out the strength or constitution of their products.

One of their site options is to click on something called “Quintessential”. This seems to be an independent advertising site listing other companies that sell CBD (including Cibdol) and their main selling points. “Quintessentials” contains general reviews from CBD users and products like smoking tins and filters and anything related to smoking the old Wacky Backy. Amma Life products are multifarious and I believe that they started out selling electronic cigarettes. What all this does not give me is a feeling that they are passionate about CBD but that it is just one more band wagon to ride.

When I went to their pay page I found that you have to give away private information like your email address (presumably so that they can spam you) and also answer a marketing question (you have to then locate the marketing question on the page which is at the bottom left hand corner and not easy to spot) before you are allowed to proceed. All this I found annoying.

Still, you can earn reward points for buying products giving you two 5% discounts on further orders which is worth doing. CBD is expensive stuff!

Amma Life are not to be confused with a charity called “Ammalife” who help mothers in poor countries.

The generous sample that they sent me was actually a 7.6% CBD oil in a 10ml bottle and a small tube of CBD hemp paste which was very generous as this adds up to about £140 of product according to their own pricing. The bottle is blue with a starry snake label and distinctive blue and white applicator. The packaging is distinctive but their 7.6% did seem rather weak. When I tested it side by side with LoveCBD’s 8% Entourage oil it was pretty obvious that this dilution is not half the potency of the 8% LoveCBD product which had a much more intense taste and kick to it.
I think that the paste was supposed to be diluted in oil and taken under the tongue but I squeezed a bit out into my mouth anyway. It is worth bearing in mind that CBD is not terribly bioavailable taken like this and just swallowed, but anyway…it tasted like genuine whole plant CBD paste to me.

Although the bottle and label was distinctive the label hadn’t been put on very straight, (I notice such details) There was no batch number or use by date but instructions about dosage were clearly given on the label.

Taste-wise I would say, not bad.

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